Moms Demand Action Welcomes 2019 MN Legislators

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Right before the new legislators in Minnesota were going to be sworn in and begin the 2019 session, hundreds of Moms Demand Action members gathered at the Capitol to encourage them to “act now” about reducing gun violence in our communities.

Many spoke at the press conference, including now Speaker of the House, Rep. Melissa Hortman, Representative Dave Pinto and Senator Matt Klein. We also heard from leadership of Moms Demand action, Bob who is a survivor of gun violence and a representative from Students Demand Action.

Video of press conference

While we gathered outside of the chamber, greeting and providing cookies to legislators, Representative Hunter Cantrell, who was one of our amazing gun sense candidates in CD2, addressed the crowd!

Take Action

  1. This session bills for both stronger criminal background checks and red flag laws– that keep guns out of the hands of those that may pose a danger to themselves and others, are already in the works.  It is up to all of us to keep pressure on our elected officials at the state level to get these bills passed.
  2. Join Moms Demand Action or Protect Minnesota, a MN based gun violence protection group and stay informed and active
  3. Participate in Moms Demand Actions lobby day on March 13th!

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