Muslim Day at the Capitol

[acx_slideshow name=”Muslim Day at Capitol 2018″] Muslim Day at the Capitol on Tuesday March 20th, focused on the ongoing issue of Islamophobia and the need of the Muslim community to have their voices heard by those in the legislature that are representing them.  There were many speakers (video highlights below) at the rally and then individuals were encouraged to share their concerns with their representatives and senators.  The focus was on opposing Islamophobia, preventing gun violence and supporting the Holiday Recognition Bill.

Take action!  Call legislators about these issues (details in graphic at right)

1. Call Rep Kathy Lohmer 651-296-4244 and Rep.Cindy Pugh 651-296-4315 and insist that they apologize to the Muslim community for their hate filled rhetoric and that they meet with the victims of their attacks.  Call Speaker Daudt 651-296-5364 and Majority Leader Peppin 651-296-7806 and encourage them to hold Islamophobia training for all representatives.

2. Call your reps to support bills that prevent gun violence– see details in center column of flyer at right.

3. Contact your legislators to support the Religious Holiday Recognition Bill, with language that allows, but doesn’t require local school districts to take into account the religious observations of members of their community when designing school calendars.

View the videos below to get more details on these actions and why it’s so important for all communities to be heard at the “People’s House”. (You can choose individual videos at upper right hand corner)