No Ticket, No Problem ! Lewis Town Hall Rally- No Ticket Required

Now You Don't See Him Jasn LewisSo you have been waiting 500 days, yes 500 days for Representative Lewis to have a town hall.  Then you waited weeks to hear the details after he announced he would be having 3!  You applied for a ticket, gave all of your personal information, swore you were not a robot and waited… only to receive the email you dreaded- REJECTED- no room for you!

Well a variety of grassroots groups and organizations believe your voice is important and your questions should be shared so we are providing an opportunity for just that!

On Saturday May 19th, we will be greeting our congressperson with signs and song and a real CD2 welcome!  Join fellow voters at Rosehenge Hall –20732 Holt Ave, Lakeville, Minnesota 55044 at 12:30 PM  Those closer to other venues are encouraged to create a similar event in Wabasha at 9:30 AM  and Jordan at 4:30PM.

Please bring a sign to this peaceful gathering that details the question you would have asked had you been allowed entry.

Examples might include: Why did you vote no to Trump releasing his taxes?  Why did you support reciprocity for gun owners? What have you done to protect Mueller…or the environment…or the working class?  You get the idea.  Whatever issue is most important to you.  We ask that you refrain from profanity or name calling as we are not the “angry crazy liberals” that he has played us off to be.

Attached are Lewis Town Hall Song Sheet .  Upload them to your phone or print them out for the event.  Creative?  Not too late to submit your own

Dos and Don’ts:

  • Do bring a lot of positive energy, we can guarantee you’ll meet some great like-minded folks
  • Don’t engage in any arguing or physical altercations with those that aren’t like-minded: this is democracy we are demonstrating after all
  • Do be careful not to block entrances or areas that inhibit folks from entering venue, do not block traffic, stay on sidewalks and public areas.
  • Sing loudly– carrying a tune is NOT a requirement for participation.  Bring an instrument.
  • Do NOT do anything to distract or disrupt the town hall once it begins.  We want to respect those that got tickets and the congressman who decided to meet with some of us!
  • Clean up after yourself and be mindful of neighbors and local businesses- we want no excuses for the congressman not to schedule more town halls.

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