Northfield round 2: congressman a no show

Cannon Valley Indivisible attempted to hold a second town hall where local voters could hear from, and voice their concerns to, their congressman Rep. Jason Lewis. Once again, he elected to not attend.

Here is press coverage from The Northfield News:

The group closed the Town Hall for Rep. Jason Lewis tonight with “America, the Beautiful,” including two new verses:

O beautiful constituents
Republican and Dem
Who pressure errant Congressmen
To come and visit them!
America, America, God shed her grace on Thee
And show our Rep he’s out of step
With true democracy!

O beautiful for all of us,
For voters who beseech
The petty and the powerful
To welcome their free speech!
America, America, God knows what makes us great
Help those who serve get up the nerve
For calm, informed debate!