Politics 101

Have you felt frustrated with politics? Have you felt confused, trying to find what district you belong to and who your state and federal representatives and senators are?   You are not alone. Here is a little help.

Why bother with politics?

“They do what they want in Washington DC anyway.”

  • Some actually care and fight for you. Find them and vote for them.
  • Vote OUT the candidates you don’t trust.
  • Don’t forget to also vote on state and local levels to make a difference.

“What difference does my single vote make?”
Unfortunately, 40% in presidential election years and 60% in mid-term years (nationally) think like that. If enough of us get off our butts and go voting, we CAN make a difference.

“Am I even eligible to vote?”
If you are a US citizen, 18 years old, lived in Minnesota for 20 days, and haven’t had the voting rights revoked, you are eligible to vote, but don’t forget to register at least 3 weeks before the election. (check here)

Who are currently your elected Leaders?

Click here and enter your address to find the elected officials of your district.

What do they all do?

Our laws change all the time. Our congress people initiate new laws or changes of existing ones and then vote on them. On Federal Level they make federal laws, on State Level they make Minnesota laws. They were elected by the majority in their district but vowed to work for the benefit of all their constituents, so you will naturally not always agree with their decisions.

How can I make my voice heard?

With your Governor, Senators and Congressmen (National & State)

  • Go to town hall meetings and speak up.
  • Call, email, write …. your elected officials about your sorrows and values.


  • The 1st amendment gives you the right to protest. Support what you believe in by joining a protest action.

At your local party chapter

  • Go to the party’s public meetings and bring in your ideas.
  • Sign up for a function in the local party organization.

At Caucus (only one night in February in election years)

  • Bring in RESOLUTIONS to help shape the party’s values and priorities.
  • Sign up to become a delegate to help select resolutions and party candidates.



Resolutions are ideas of people like you, on how to improve the party’s platform, values, principles or priorities, submitted to their caucus. To be on the Action Agenda your resolution must overcome the following four hurdles: 50% majority at your caucus -> prioritized by your Senate District Convention delegates -> also passed by at least 4 other Senate Districts and in at least one other Congressional Districts -> accepted by 60% of the State Convention delegates.

DFL Action Agenda

The action agenda is a list of high priority issues of the DFL delegates. It is the product of the resolutions from DFL members that made it through the caucus and conventions and is valid for 2 years. The DFL members expect their elected representatives to work on these priorities. (link to Action Agenda 2016-17)

DFL Ongoing Platform

The ongoing platform describes the more constant values of the party. Every 2 years, a committee selects a few new tendencies of the resolutions process and proposes changes to the platform to the State Convention delegates, who have to approve them. (Link to Ongoing Platform 2016-17)