#ProtectMueller- Protest at the Capitol

With less than 24 hours notice, a small group of organizers, representing several grassroots organizations, joined with hundreds of organizations all over the country through MoveOn and held a rally at the Capitol aimed at sending a message to the Trump administration.

We will not be silent as Trump attempts to obstruct justice and hold himself and his family above the rule of law. We will not sit idly by while he fires Sessions and places his own minion, Matthew Whitaker, in office rather than following the line of succession for US Atty General.  The Attorney General works for we the people, not the president, and their loyalty should be to their country.  We the people will do all that we can to protect the Mueller investigation.  We love our country and we are the ultimate power in this country and if our elected officials won’t put a check on this administration, we will hold them accountable as we do everything we can to insure that we get the truth. Congress must pass legislation to protect Mueller and to investigate all efforts to obstruct justice and abuse power.


View Video of Rally

Read Star Tribune Article

Sign this petition from MoveOn  Contact your member of Congress.  Use these Protect Mueller Talking Points when you share your concerns!

Encourage your member of Congress to join with Sen. Jeff Flake in protecting Mueller.  Read details here

Have them sign on to any of these!

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