Rally for Democracy: HR1, the State House and You

On January 3rd, hearty Minnesotans from a variety of activist groups gathered on the steps of the MN Capitol to do two things: Celebrate the swearing in of the most diverse, most female US House of Representatives our country has ever seen- as well as retaking the MN House, and to address pressing issues that need to be resolved both locally and nationally.

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We started with a rousing warm up of chants and songs, some directed specifically at our 8 US House of Representatives.  We focused on HR1, the US House’s bold first legislation that is aimed at protecting voting rights, addressing corruption in government and getting big money out of politics. Want to learn more about HR-1? Here’s H1-Highlights thanks to Annastacia Belladonna-Carerra with Common Cause! Check out this article in the Washington Post or this article from NPR

We then had speakers from several Indivisible groups Komi, Aimee and Mark who reminded us of the importance of protecting our democracy, addressed the coalitions we have formed in this work and explained more details of the HR1 legislation.

This was followed by Rep. Dave Pinto and Rep. Elect Ruth Richardson.  They were clear about the need for our voices to be heard at the state level on issues of importance to us as this is Our House and they need us to be partners in this democracy, as well as the history and importance of making sure everyone has access to the polling place.

Next up were Melanie Hazelip-MN Let People Vote Coalition, who spoke about the need to Restore the Vote for felons who have served their time and automatic voter registration; Mandy Schwemmer from American Promise who addressed the need to do away with Citizens United and bring back the power to the people; and Nancy Nord-Bence from Protect MN who spoke about how the issues of preventing gun violence is tied closely to getting money out of politics.

Video of entire rally

Calls to Action

At Federal Level
Contact your US House Rep and encourage them to pass HR1
Assure them that you want to protect voting rights
Get big money out of politics
Fight corruption

MAKE SURE YOUR VOICE IS HEARD on any and all issues you are concerned about

At State Level
Go to swearing in ceremonies at MN Capitol on Tuesday January 8th
Attend Protect MN/ Moms Demand Action Welcome Back Rally on Jan 8th
Let your representatives know that you want them to pass Restore the Vote legislation and that you support automatic voter registration

Event Co-Sponsors

Indivisible Resistance Eagan Burnsville
Minnesota Indivisible Alliance
Common Cause MN
MN Let People Vote Coalition
Indivisible MN Legislative Action
Indivisible St. Paul
American Promise
Swing Blue
Indivisible Menahga Park Rapids
Indivisible St. Peter, Greater Mankato
Protect Minnesota

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