Reject The Coverup- Take Action

Donald J Trump was impeached by the US House of Representatives for Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress.  He will be forever impeached.  Even though the president and his administration blocked all documents and witnesses, the evidence they did gather was so compelling that many Republican Senators admitted that what he did was wrong, inappropriate or worse.  Yet when it came to the Senate trial, to determine if he should be removed from office, the GOP senators refused to call any additional witnesses or call for any further evidence, even though John Bolton said he would testify if subpoenaed (if it wouldn’t interfere with his book sales).

A trial with

  • no witnesses and no evidence,
  • a trial where key members of the jury (GOP Senators) are openly conspiring with the defendant (Trump)
  • a trial in which jurors are receiving campaign contributions from the defendant and those around him
  • a trial in which jurors do no openly debate and discuss the evidence, but rather make “statements”

IS NOT A FAIR TRIAL- It is a sham.  So while Donald J Trump will be forever impeached- he will never be exonerated.  After all, common sense dictates that innocent people don’t block testimony and documents unless they know it will harm their case.

So 70 folks came together on Wed Feb 5th to publicly protest the acquittal following this sham proceeding.  We chanted and sang and renewed our commitment to defending our republic, protecting the vote and electing those who will work for We The People, rather than serving the president.

Below are pics and video from event

We have seen since Trump was acquitted in the Senate that he has just become more emboldened, going after those who testified or voted for his impeachment.  Complain as he may- he will be #ForeverImpeached, only the third time in our history, and most people, including several Republican Senators agreed that he was guilty as charged.

WE NEED YOU Take action!  Everyone that I spoke with at the rally was glad we were out there, felt more empowered, met some new people and is committed to helping defeat Trump and GOP candidates up and down the ballot in 2020, as well as protecting our vote!

  1. Visit the CD2Action Calendar regularly to find out about local actions and opportunities to meet with candidates and volunteer!
  2. Contribute time and money to re-elect Congresswoman Angie Craig and Senator Tina Smith, or whoever your reps are that will stand up for rule of law and election security both at the federal and state level!
  3. Join forces with Common Cause Minnesota, a non-partisan organization that fights for fair maps and securing our elections.
  4. Join the efforts at ProtectTheVote.Net as a non-partisan poll monitor.
  5. Check out Vote Save America and the calls to action they have for the upcoming election.
  6. Check your voter registration to make sure you are good to go at, the Secy of State website that has all information on voting in this state.  Share this link with friends and neighbors and help them get registered to vote and show them how they can vote early, sign up for absentee ballot and preview their actual ballot before polling day
  7. Support a presidential candidate most in line with your values, who can pull the country together and defeat Donald Trump!! Vote in the primary on March 3rd in record numbers to show our commitment to Trump’s defeat!
  8. Interested in getting on our Rapid Response Mailing List?  Send and email to with Rapid Response in the subject line.

70 citizens stood out in the cold on the 5th to fight for our democracy.  Protecting our republic is going to take all of us- in the streets, at the doors, and at our polling places.  We The People are the most powerful force for good in this nation.  We CAN Do This Together!!


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