#ReleaseTheReport Show Us the Mueller Rally

About 400 folks showed up on April 4th to proclaim that “Barr’s memo was too short, release the full report!” We need to see the full Mueller report, all 400+ pages with it’s supporting documents, to know the truth of what the 22 month investigation discovered.

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Here is a great NYTimes article that sums up everything we know was investigated along with the indictments and guilty pleas. Who knew that Russian interference in our election and a host of people close to Trump lying repeatedly about their actions could be so complicated?!?

Barr’s Cliff notes 4 page response to the Mueller Report release is an insult to these investigators and We the People. Mueller’s team, that has been radio silent for 2 years is starting to speak out, while Democrats in the House are threatening subpoenas to get the public the information that we all paid for!

Meanwhile Trump is claiming full exoneration and trying to drive the messaging.  But We the People aren’t having that!  Which is why over 325 rallies were held nationwide, including in St. Paul, to insist that we get the full report, have transparency and accountability in our government, and that we value the press rather than vilify them.

Thank you to Indivisible MN03 for filming this event!  Looking forward to joining forces again soon!

Rally was a collaborative effort by : Indivisible Minnesota, Minnesota Indivisible Alliance, Indivisible MN03, IReb, Indivisible St. Paul, Power of Many and CD2Action Special thanks to Curtis Johnson for many of the great photos of event!

Here is the full sheet of chants and songs that can be used to keep the pressure on.  Grab some friends, make signs, go to a street corner and make your voice heard to keep people contacting their reps about getting this full report to the public.  We need to drive the narrative.

Write a letter to the editor.  Call your federal reps.

Make some noise- this is not normal, but just another assault on the truth!

Do you live in or around CD2 and want to get more active? Join our CD2Action Rapid Response Team!

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