Rep. Angie Craig Town Hall #1 – Burnsville

On a blustery MN day, hundreds of CD2 constituents came out to hear from their newly elected Congresswoman Angie Craig and to have their voices heard. Rep. Craig had promised on the campaign trail that if elected she would hold open town halls on a regular basis and constituents were very pleased to have this opportunity to interact with their congresswoman.

It was held at Burnsville High School and the community was able to hear from 4 amazing students singing an original song, ala Hamilton genre, at the beginning of the program. A government teacher moderated the town hall, with help from students, as our representative did a brief introduction, and spent the remainder of the time hearing from constituents from all parts of the district on a variety of topics.

The comments and questions ran the gamut including the recent shutdown, health care costs, immigration reform and border security, the Covington students in DC, gun violence prevention, transparency in campaign finance and several questions about climate change.

Rep. Craig emphasized her priority about working for all constituents- not just those of her political party.  She expressed her willingness to work across the aisle where possible, including within the committees she is on- agriculture and transportation, as well as behind the scenes in an attempt to make government work for us!

Here is the entire video of the Town Hall- thanks to Eagan TV.  It is also available at our page devoted to all things related to CD2 at the US House level

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