Rep. Angie Craig Town Hall #2- Red Wing

U.S. Rep. Angie Craig MN02

On February 23rd, Congresswoman Angie Craig held her 2nd Town Hall in Red Wing, continuing her commitment to hold public meetings monthly all around the district.

About 100 constituents from the southern part of the district attended: teachers, farmers, small business owners- a cross-section of the district.  Once again Rep. Craig was eager to hear from all residents, those who had been supporters as well as those whose views differed from hers personally, and assured everyone that all of our input helps shape her positions on policy.  She shared that she “knows we won’t always agree with her positions but she will always be open to listening and be civil and respectful, as Washington needs more of that right now”.  She was committed to hear from everyone so when the hour was up and a few were still waiting at the mikes to ask questions, she extended her event until everyone had an opportunity to share their views.

Topics discussed included health care, agriculture, clean energy options, education funding and taxes.  As with the first town hall, residents had differing views on topics, but everyone listened respectfully to their neighbor’s concerns and found a representative who heard everyone with an open mind and a thoughtful response.   Several  constituents mentioned how much they appreciated these town halls and the opportunity to engage with their representative directly. Civility is alive and well at these town halls, which hopefully will lead to greater dialogue within our community as we can find some common ground.

Watch the full video

Thanks to Chuck Smith-Dewey for both pictures and video of this event!

Want to find out more about our representative’s website, social media, co-sponsored bills and voting record as well as past events?  Check out the Congress section of CD2 Action website!

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