RURAL EVENT: Rep. Craig attends Rural Voices discussion

(Cannon Falls, MN) Rep. Angie Craig was part of a panel of listeners at the Minnesota Farmers Union’s Rural Voices Discussion in Cannon Falls on Friday, April 26, 2019.

This meeting was described as a listening session by moderator Bruce Miller, who serves as the MFU’s Outreach and Membership Director. He told those attending that if they asked a question, he would turn it back on them to answer, as this was about their voices being heard and not the panel’s.

In addition to Rep. Craig, other panel members included MFU President Gary Wertish; Minnesota Ag Dept. Assistant Commissoner Whitney Place;  and Chef JD Frantze , who will open a supper club inside Artisan Plaza next month/ The Artisan Plaza is a food hall in Cannon Falls, Minn where this event was held.

The video below is from the Minnesota Farmers Union live Facebook feed. Rep. Craig’s opening comments start around the 2:40 mark, but of course the voices we should all be listening to are the farmers sharing their stories and concerns.

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