Walz fills in for missing CD2 congressman

On Friday, May 12, 2017, Rep. Tim Walz (CD1-MN) held a town hall for 250-300 residents of his neighboring second congressional district, following a recent national trend of Democratic congressman filling in for their missing-in-action Republican counterparts from adjoining districts. People were also lining the wall behind the photographer. Walz told the crowd that members of Congress do not hold town halls, the people do, and that congress members should appear as invited guests to learn from their constituents.

Walz invited Angie Craig, who narrowly lost to Rep. Jason Lewis in CD2 in 2014, as his copresenter at the event.

Walz was actually the second member of the Minnesota congressional delegation so far this year  to hold a town hall in CD2 because of the absence of it’s elected representative

News coverage

• KMSP FOX 29 covered the town hall with the missing Congressman

4 part video of the entire event from YouTube