Resolutions- Your Voice at Caucus

New to Resolutions?  Watch this quick video on how resolutions work and why they are an important way to have your voice heard at caucus and in forming the DFL platform.

You can write your own resolutions! Click here for blank form to download

OR- View and use any of these resolutions that have been collected. Remember the more a resolution is passed by a variety of units, the more likely it is to go on!

Special shout out to Markus Fasel of IReb for spearheading this project, gathering these documents and organizing them.  He has created amazing online tool with access to many more resolutions that can be accessed here !

Know of some resolutions you’d like to see added to this table?  Email us   Submissions need to be sent as PDF files to be included.  Please let us know what category they fit under.

NOTE : Table works best on desktop

BroadbandBig BanksApprenticeshipsAnti Pollution HelpHealthcare For AllAutomatic WeaponsAutomatic Voter Registration
Iron Range JobsNet NeutralityFree Community CollegeCO2 ReductionIn Home CareDecriminalize DrugEqual Rights Amendment
Sustainable FarmingRent StabilizationTeacher DiversityEIS For PipelinesLower Drug PricesGood Cop Bad CopEx Felons Voting Rights
Tax Cuts for Good BusinessStudent Loan Resolution1Environment Laws ProtectionLower Medication PricesSensible Gun LawsHigh School Voter Pre-Registration
Student Loan Resolution2No Eminent Domain PipelinesSingle Payer MNHonest DFL
CAMPAIGN AND LEGISLATION REFORMComprehensive Sex EducationPollution PreventionSocial SecurityCRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORMPathway to Citizenship
Campaign Finance Disclosure of ElectioneeringProtect PollinatorsSpecial TransportAbolishing Mass IncarcerationNo Superdelegates
Single Subject Rule for LegislationProtect Surface WaterMinnesota CareProhibiting For-Profit PrisonsOne Person One Vote
Limit Big MoneySafe Copper MinesLegalizing Cannabis- Sensible MNPopular Vote
Political Campaign Refund- other officesElectric VehiclesSocial Security-Operational FundingRedistricting Commission
Tax Release Requirement for PresidentRenewable Energy2018 African American Child WelfareRedistricting DFL Support
Moratorium on Recycled Tire MulchPrevent and End HIV:AIDS
Prioritize People with Disabilities
Organ Donation


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