Send Words of Support to Parkland Students

Let’s show support for the survivors of the Parkland shooting. Some of these children have received death threats from crazy NRA supporters. We propose that we flood them with Minnesota nice! You can do this from home and will only take a few minutes.

So get out your pens, cards, postcards.  Send pictures, words of support and love.  Let them know that we see them, we hear them and we are with them in this quest to end gun violence.  The children should not have to take the lead- but we are so proud of them, and students across the nation that have stepped up!

We can’t imagine what it is like for them going back to the school where this tragedy played out.  Many of them have seemed so poised under pressure but the trauma is real for students and staff and the new reality of their lives will affect them all differently.

Please take a moment and send them a note of support, care of their teacher, Diane Wolk-Rogers.

MSD Students c/o Diane Wolk-Rogers
Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
5901 NW Pine Island Road
Parkland, FL 33076

A big shout out to Vicky Johnson of Stand Up Dakota County for spearheading this great idea!