Solidarity Day 2018- Stand with Planned Parenthood

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Every year on Good Friday, hundreds of anti-Planned Parenthood protesters descend on the Planned Parenthood clinic at Vandalia Street in St. Paul. This year they protested, but we rallied. There was music, speakers, marching and a spirit of solidarity among all ages, genders, sexual orientations and faiths.  There was even a dancing pack of birth control pills- thank you Lacie! We all believe in the importance of  Planned Parenthood and protecting everyone’s healthcare and reproductive rights!

  1. Donate to Planned Parenthood here
  2. Join the PP Advocacy Network today!
  3. Volunteer!
  4. Attend Reproductive Rights Town Hall in Eagan on April 3rd
  5. For local volunteer opportunities send an email to Lacie c/o

Watch these videos to get a feel for the day. Our own Lacie rocks that birth control pill pack!


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  1. Tim Walz was there with his daughter. When I asked if he’d come back when he’s governor he said, “Every year!”

    Erin Murphy was there too in a pink jacket.

    Other leaders including Senator Dibble joined lots of clery people and a great grandma for choice in supporting Planned Parenthood. What a pillar of our community!

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