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Striking West VA Teachers Need Your Support

When teachers in West Virginia went on strike, they mobilized to feed their students who were no longer receiving free breakfast and lunch.

In West Virginia, schools have been closed for more than a week as thousands of teachers went on strike to protest their need for increased pay and benefits.  They are some of the lowest paid public school teachers in the nation.  They had struck a deal for a 5% increase with the governor, which would have ended this strike, but the state Senate blocked this from happening, so the strike continues.  More details can be found in this article



1. AFT West Virginia() is collecting donations through their solidarity fund to buy food for students & for childcare for families needing it. Please send checks to: AFT-WV Solidarity Fund 1615 Washington Street E. Suite 300 Charleston WV 25311


A great read on the complexities of these teacher’s jobs.  Asking for a living wage, a 5% increase on top of some of the lowest pay teachers get in this country, is not too much to ask.

Read about the importance of the labor movement and what these teachers are standing up for in this NYTimes editorial