Stop Abortion Bans: Respect Women’s Healthcare Choices

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About 1500 people gathered on a blustery Tuesday at noon to send a clear message to legislators that we will not lose our power to control our own healthcare decisions , as we have seen happen recently in other states.  The crowd was very diverse representing all races, ages and genders.  We stand united to declare “Our Bodies Our Choice” and to put Minnesota legislators on notice- if you try to restrict our rights to abortion we will Vote You Out!

Rally ended but folks didn’t want to leave.  The crowd remained on the steps of the Capitol chanting and building community for quite some time, with young women leading the charge.  Another generation of women who are fighting for rights that generations before them have fought for as well.

Roe vs Wade is more than about a right to a safe and legal abortion.  It is about the privacy rights every woman should have in her doctor’s office- whether about her reproductive choices or any medical decisions about her body.

Want to help support reproductive rights? Join NARAL or Planned Parenthood. Volunteer to be a clinic escort. Donate to Our Justice

Here is full video of rally- you can fast forward to speakers.  Reception wasn’t great at Capitol so apologies for quality of video.