Stop Separating Families- Rally at Sen. Klobachar’s Office


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A rally was quickly organized following the news of the separation of families in front of Senator Amy Klobachar’s office early in the morning on Wednesday May 30th.  There were 3 basic demands.  The practice of separating children from their families must stop.  Congressional oversight hearings need to be convened immediately to look into what is happening with immigrant families.  No further funding for ICE

Here is a playlist of a few speakers from the rally

We would like to thank Ben Hill, State Director and Clara Haycraft, Deputy State Director at Senator Amy Klobachar’s office for meeting with us today, hearing our concerns and addressing them with the Senator.  Wonder what a meeting with staff is like?  Here is a video segment of most of our meeting today.  They emphasized how important it is to hear from us- so don’t be shy, use your voice to speak up for those that might not be able to.  Elected officials work for us!  We really appreciate the time they took and the compassion they showed for this concern that demands immediate action.

Here is a link to media coverage of the rally

Actions to take now

1. Call your representatives in Congress and tell them that you are against separation of families and that you demand hearings on this issue. Call DAILY! Leave messages.  Make some noise.

2. Donate to organizations that are supporting immigrants’ rights including Immigrant Law Center and Advocates for Human Rights Find local organizations that you can volunteer with.

3. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has recommended guidelines for human rights at international borders which you can read here. The reported actions our DHS is taking do not comply with these guidelines. You can contact the UN Office for Human Rights here.

4. The ACLU is gathering signatures to petition Kevin K. McAleenan, Commissioner of United States Customs and Border Protection to stop the government from abusing immigrant children. You can find the petition here.

5. Amnesty International has been calling for an end to the U.S. policy of separating children at the border. Their call to action can be found at the end of this post here.

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