Take Action: Rally to #SaveThePostOffice

On Saturday August 23rd, a hundred folks from all over the metro congregated at the Eagan mail distribution center on Lexington Ave to demand that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy resign or be fired and that he not only suspend actions that interfere with the efficient delivery of mail, but undo the damage he has already done.

This video is from WCCO coverage of rally

This footage is courtesy of Fox9 News of a press conference with local Postal Union personnel and Sen Tina Smith the Tuesday prior to the rally. This was the first many of us learned that the sorting machines that were being removed nationwide was happening here in Eagan- with 7 already removed.

Organized along with 800 other events across the United States, we rallied to ask critical questions.

  • Why were these important pieces of machinery removed? 
  • Were some areas specifically targeted? 
  • How do we get them back as the flow of mail has always had ebbs and flows before and there is no cost savings in dismantling machinery that has already been purchased?
  • Was this the direct result of Trump’s attacks on mail in voting?
  • How will this impact mail delivery which so many rely on for medications, communication, commerce and connection?
  • Why would anyone consider these actions during a pandemic?
  • Why were postal workers overtime cut, while they are essential employees?
  • Is this part of an agenda to privatize the mail service and bust unions?
  • How might this impact voting by mail?

We want to thank everyone who attended the rally and especially the hardworking local postal workers that have put their health on the line during this pandemic to continue to provide the highest quality service they can.  We will not succumb to scare tactics, but will vote by mail in record numbers, keeping ourselves and poll workers safe!


  1. Sign onto this petition demanding the the Board of Governors of the US Postal Service remove Louis DeJoy.
  2. Contact your members of congress and our state atty general and thank them for taking a strong stand in supporting our post office, (or question why they haven’t), while encouraging them to continue to pursue answers to questions posed above.  Our MN Atty General has joined with others in a lawsuit regarding these unconscionable actions. Send them a card and support USPS by buying stamps!
  3. Develop a VOTING PLAN and encourage others to do the same
  4. Be ready to take to the streets with us to show our continued support for all of the services the USPS provides and the amazing postal workers!  Want to be part of our rapid response team?  Send us an email at cd2action@gmail.com and we will add you to our ever growing list! Keep checking in on our calendar for actions you can take.