Task Force Now- Ending Sexual Harassment at Capitol and Beyond

Sexual harassment has affected the majority of women’s and many men’s lives. The #metoo movement has brought light on a subject that has been in the dark for far too long.

It happens to workers in every walk of life. The waitress , the home health care worker, the clerk, the migrant farm worker, the businesswoman, the flight attendant, the actress, the student, the legislator.

Recently, a rally was held to focus attention on this important issue, once again at the Minnesota Capitol, after brave women came forward, called out those who harassed them, which led to the accused men resigning.  All Representative Erin Maye Quade has demanded since she reported how she had been harassed is for a real task force to be held to address sexual harassment in the workplace- specifically at our own state Capitol.  At the end of the rally (select videos below)- we went to legislators’ offices in both the house and senate to spread the message that Time Is Up and we want a task force now! If legislators aren’t held accountable, how can we expect other businesses where women are being abused to take this matter seriously?  This has ramifications beyond the state house.

1. Call or write your local representative and the governor to tell them that Time Is Up and that we want a task force on sexual harassment at the Capitol NOW

2. Go to MN Coalition Against Sexual Assault website to learn more about ways you can get active because “We all know someone” #metoo

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