Trust Women- Protect our Reproductive Rights- Act NOW

The following information is from the latest Planned Parenthood CD2 newsletter.  We cannot take our reproductive rights- and rights to make our own informed health care decisions for granted! The time to act is NOW!

Supreme Court Update: Last week, Justice Kennedy announced he will retire from the Supreme Court, which means President Trump will have the opportunity to nominate his replacement. Justice Kennedy was often a deciding vote in the Court’s decisions to uphold abortion rights, and President Trump has promised to replace him with a justice who will overturn Roe v. Wade. Republicans need to confirm the next Justice, and in a Republican-controlled Senate, we find ourselves faced with the reality that Roe v. Wade and the right to safe and legal abortion are at serious risk.

This is terrifying, but it reinforces something we already know – elections matter We need to light a fire under voters, the future of our country is squarely in their hands. I need every single one of you to step up and help us reach the voters who are going to be the deciding factor in this election – the people who need an extra push to vote for a pro-choice champion. Here’s my call to action: sign up for a canvass or phone bank below, there’s never been so much at stake in an election.

Direct Voter Contact (DVC) is the most effective way to influence election outcomes – WE NEED YOUR HELP!
Sign up for a DVC shift (phonebank or canvass) by indicating what shift you’d like to work at this email.

All phonebanks are from 6:00-8:30pm, locations will vary based on availability.
All canvasses are at 10:00am and turf location will vary week to week.
  • Sun. 7/15
  • Sat. 7/21
  • Sat. 8/4
  • Sun. 8/12
  • Sat. 8/18
  • Sun. 9/15

Monday, July 16th. 6:00-8:00pm. Vandalia
Learn the psychology behind what we do, and how it’s effective. Get the skills you need to call our supporters, engage people at an event, or knock on someone’s door and talk to them about Planned Parenthood.
Monday, July 23rd. 6:00-8:00pm. Vandalia.
Join us to practice being comfortable with those weird and unexpected situations you get while phonebanking. This training is perfect for both new and experienced volunteers. Through the skills of improve (BIG shout out to Super Activist and improve-extraordinaire Jonathan for making this training for us), you’ll learn how to best respond to some of the unexpected conversations you get while talking to strangers Food and training provided.
Saturday, July 21st. 10:30-3:00pm.
Location TBD, carpooling available from St. Paul.

Join us in the sticky heat of July (and 108 days out from the election) to talk to voters and eat some ice cream. Our west metro, south metro, twin cities, and youth teams will be heading out on the doors to talk to our supporters about the upcoming election, then we’ll be celebrating all our hard work with an ice cream social.
Invite your friends!


1. PLANNED PARENTHOOD ACTION FUND CANDIDATE ENDORSEMENTS. Our Action Fund is beginning to announce our endorsements for the midterm elections! So far we’ve endorsed Angie Craig for CD2 US Rep. and this week we announced our endorsement for Ruth Richardson who is running for state house rep in 52 B! We will be talking to voters about these two amazing candidates at our weekly phonebanks and canvasses.

2. JASON LEWIS IS FOR SALE. As many of us already know, Rep. Jason Lewis made a name for himself fairly quickly as a Washington newbie – but not in a good way. According to an article published this week in City Pages, the CD2 Rep. has officially been named “one of the top 20 most purchasable people in Washington.” What an honor!

3. IMMIGRATION IS A REPRODUCTIVE JUSTICE ISSUE. Many of you joined the free our future march this weekend to stand with immigrants, refugees, and their families. Here’s a little explainer of why immigration is a reproductive justice issue and why we care. If you’re still looking to do more, here’s five actions you can do right now. THANK YOU to those who turned out and showed your support.

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