U. S. Attorneys and the Special Counsel

Pending Senate confirmation, Geoffrey Berman has been named to be Interim U. S. Attorney of the southern district of New York, previously the position that Preet Bharara held. Berman was one of the attorneys that Trump had personally interviewed, and Berman is law partners with good old Rudy Giuliani. Trump is strategically placing attorneys in power where his businesses and residencies are. U. S. Attorneys should be independent from the White House, and their loyalty should not be to the president, but to the competence and commitment to justice. This nomination could interfere with Mueller’s investigation. And because this warrants repeating, continue to contact your Members of Congress about HR 3654 and S 1735. These bills would prevent Trump from firing Mueller without a panel of three judges agreeing to it first. Now more than ever we need to protect this investigation. Let your MoC know that firing of the special counsel and impeding this investigation is a red line that Trump cannot cross and that we the people will not stand for it. (Thx to Power of Many MN for call to action) 




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