Vote for Equal Protection Under the Law: Evening with Keith Ellison

A large group of activists, from multiple Congressional Districts gathered to have a conversation with Rep. Keith Ellison, who is running for MN Attorney General. (View videos below)

No question went unanswered and the Congressman was candid about why he’s running, what he hopes to achieve in office, accusations that have been alleged and how he can help Minnesotans by fighting back the Trump agenda. Whether we were talking climate change, women’s reproductive rights, reducing the cost of prescription meds, or the politics of politics- we were made even more aware of how much influence the attorney general’s office can have and the importance of having someone in this position that is committed to working for the greater good of all Minnesotans.

Want to compare candidates for Attorney General?  Read this The difference between the candidates could not be more stark.  The third party candidate has now officially endorsed Keith Ellison. You can learn more about his campaign here

Introduction: In an evening with activists representing multiple congressional districts across the state, Keith discusses why he got into the race, how he views the role of state Attorney General, the allegations against him, what he hopes to accomplish if he is elected, how he differs from his opponent, and the importance of getting out the vote.

Question: Kavanaugh appointment and worries about Roe v Wade and other upcoming decisions are a concern. How can the states step up and protect choice and other rights?

Question: UN panel report on climate change and climate justice came out last week warning that we have 12 years to get global warming under control or we’ll lose the battle. Tell us how as AG you might help MN push ahead on renewable energy?

Question: The DFL convention was right before the filing date. Was there a political calculation around you deciding to run- how did this come about?

Question: The AG office does most of its work supporting the administrative apparatus of state government in and out of the courtroom. How do you plan to build and retain a great team that will fight for the people of Minnesota, like Skip Humphrey did?

Question: I find the current assault on institutions worrying, especially the selective interpretation of the law, i.e., politicians choosing to not support laws they disagree with. Will you support laws that are constitutional that you don’t agree with?

Question: How did you drive up voter turn out in MN05 over your 12 years?

Question: Nationally, state attorney generals have been able to stand up to the Trump agenda in several areas. What areas might you see as a need when you are attorney general?

Question: What will be your greatest joy?

Question : MPLS/Frey proposed to have placards in the back of squad cars outlining immigrant rights in English and in Spanish? Do you support that? What are your views on ICE jurisdictions and work with local law enforcement.

Question: How will your Attorney General’s office be different from your predecessor?

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