Vote for Quality, Affordable, Accessible Healthcare

Access to and affordability of healthcare is one of the biggest issues many in our communities are grappling with right now.

What shouldn’t be a partisan issue has become one.  It has been the subject of attack ads against candidates in CD2; generic ads where MN House candidates names and faces are replaced on TV and in mailers to paint them as driving up costs and providing less say.  Never mind that candidates they have maligned are doctors, nurses, work with families struggling with fetal alcohol syndrome or are themselves cancer survivors, the Republican Party that run these smear campaigns have politicized this issue rather than demonstrating what the incumbents in office have done to better the system- because they haven’t.  Instead they use fear to mobilize against folks. Facts matter.

On October 4th, a Health Care Town Hall was held with Angie Craig, Tim Walz, Peggy Flanagan and a panel of experts on healthcare: practitioners, advocates, and individuals who have grappled with the ramifications of what happens when we try to function in a medical system, that has made gains, but is still in need of triage of its own. The key for those who represent us is to really listen to the anguish of a grieving parent, a cancer survivor, a parent of a child with disabilities and to always remember to put faces to the issues they are legislating about.

Please watch video below and remember that your vote matters on this healthcare issue to all of us.  We never know when we might be faced with a health crisis and we need to have elected officials that can work together to find real solutions to the rising costs of both insurance and care, to the opioid crisis, to the rising cost of pharmaceuticals, to better diagnosis and treatment, and to all communities having accessible quality care.

You can get involved!

1. Research your candidates and get a true picture of what their commitments are regarding healthcare, beyond the rhetoric. VOTE!

2. Attend Protect Our Care Rally in Mpls on Monday ,October 8th from 2:45-3:45

2. Attend Combatting Opioid Abuse in Lakeville on Monday, October 8th from 7-8:30

3. Go to IReb’s Healthcare Awareness Event on October 13th from 12-1 at the corner of Yankee Doodle and Pilot Knob in Eagan

4. Live in Senate District 56?  Go to their Candidate Healthcare Forum on October 15th from 6-7:30 and see who best represents your needs.




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