Vote For the Women in Your Life

The midterm elections on November 6th may very well determine the future of women’s healthcare.

[acx_slideshow name=”Healthcare Forum”]  On September 21st a healthcare forum was held in West St Paul, MN.  The panelists included Cecile Richards– former head of Planned Parenthood and author of the book Make Trouble, Senator Tina Smith, CD2 House candidate Angie Craig and MN House 52B candidate Ruth Richardson.

Topics covered included disparities in women’s health care , sex education, reproductive rights, politics and it’s affects on our care and the Supreme Court and state’s impacts on access, cost and quality of the care we receive.  The biggest take away was the importance of the midterm elections.  We need to not only vote for candidates who will protect and defend women’s healthcare and all of it’s varied components, but to also work hard to educate the importance of this issue with friends and neighbors as we work to get out the vote. Healthcare is a basic right.  From both an economic and a moral perspective keeping everyone in our communities healthy is essential.

Please watch the unedited video of the forum and share this post widely so that everyone can understand how fortunate we are to have these amazing women who will fight for us and to encourage everyone to remember to VOTE for the women in their lives.