Vote in Primaries- Politics as A Force For Good- Evening with Erin Murphy Candidate for Governor

#PoliticsOfJoy comes to Eagan!

After a couple of weeks in which it would be easy to shut off the news, throw up your hands and pull up the covers, we had an opportunity to go to a meet and greet in Eagan with Representative Erin Murphy, who is running to be our next governor.  She spoke of the power politics can have to be a force for good in our lives and of her experience of going out and really meeting with and listening to folks all across the state.

She was joined at this event by state Rep. Sandra Masin, Senator Matt Klein and Senator John Marty and you could sense the spirit of teamwork they have already formed.  They spoke of the urgency to bring our state together to fight for the things all Minnesotans want and we walked away with a sense of hope and conviction.

But Erin can speak for herself better than we can express it.  Please watch, share, and most importantly VOTE in the primary on August 14th and in the general election on November 6th.  We can be the Minnesota we want to be, together.

Need more information about voting in the primary or other information about registering or where you go to vote or voting from home? Check out this post


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