Vote In Primaries TODAY

The Primaries are here! EVERYONE who is eligible to vote- can and should vote.  You don’t have to be a registered Democrat or Republican- both pary’s candidates are on the ballot- BUT YOU CAN ONLY CHOOSE ONE! This vote determines who is on the ballot in NovemberThis vote matters

The polls are open and you have until 8 pm to vote. This is Minnesota’s first statewide election since 2016. I hope each and every one of you takes (or has taken) the time to vote, and has encouraged others to do so as well. Please remember, regardless of who wins today, we must all work together as a unified group to support the winners and help carry them through to victory in November.

Have you forgotten to register? You can register at the polls; you will need a valid ID or a bill/bank statement with your address on it, or someone o vouch for who you are and where you live. Here is a link to all information for same day registration

Check out the SoS website for where to vote and other frequently asked questions.…/election-day-voting
Use this link to get a peek at who will be on your ballot.

MPR has a nice article that gives an overview of the primary election.…/minnesota-politics-august-primari…
Check out CD2Action for some more information about voting in the primaries. /voting-in-the-primaries-101/
Here’s a list of most everyone who will be on the ballot today, with links to their websites.…/minnesota-8-14-primary-at-a-…/

If interested- DFL endorsed candidates, that folks across the state chose at convention are Erin Murphy/Erin Maye-Quade for governor/lieutenant governor, Amy Klobachar and Tina Smith for US Senate, Matt Pelikan for Attorney General.

Here are some websites that will provide you with election results once the polls close. Now you too can repeatedly refresh them while you stress eat, just like me.……/election-results

Thanks to Power of Many for much of this post!