Vote To Clean Up Washington with Angie Craig

On October 15th a group of CD2 residents met in Eagan to hear Angie Craig‘s plans to Clean up Washington, when she gets elected to represent us in DC . She was joined on the panel by Scott Fay from End Citizens United and MN State Senator John Marty.

We need to get special interests out of our elections- so our elected officials work for us and not those that fund their campaigns looking for favors once they’re in office. Hear Angie Craig talk about the Honest Ads Act, the Disclose Act and other steps that can be taken on the way to overturning Citizens United. She supports no member of Congress being allowed to become a lobbyist after they are out of office. You can read her entire plan here, but please watch the video and learn more about Angie and how big money in politics doesn’t just corrupt elections, but has many other consequences that impact all of us.

As Senator Marty said, “Nov. 6th should be an election, not an auction”.




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