Vote to Protect the Vote- Town Hall with Secy of State Steve Simon

Protect Our Voting Rights and Integrity at the Ballot Box

An important reason to vote in the midterms is to protect our voting rights.  That is an important responsibility of the Secy of State.  Indivisible Resistance of Eagan and Burnsville (IReb) organized a town hall with Secy of State Steve Simon to discuss these very issues. You can see the video in it’s entirety below.

Efforts to purge the voting rolls are concerns in other states, as are closing polling places and gerrymandering- all with one aim- keep people who are eligible to vote from being able to exert their right to have their voices heard.  Here’s links to 2 cases that are in the news this week! Take this case in Georgia in which the Atty General is suppressing the vote while running for Governor and Prairie View A&M college, outside Houston TX in which a staffer for a Democratic candidate was arrested for delivering a letter with concerns about voter suppression. We believe it’s more than just coincidental that in both of these cases Black voters would be most impacted.

Then there are also the constant threats of cyber attacks on our voting processes. The Secure Elections Act– which had bipartisan support in the Senate was stalled by Republicans and the White House so there is no significant legislation addressing these concerns.

Voting isn’t the only thing that Secy of States do, but with our election looming- their role is vital.  Please watch the video and learn about how our current MN Secy of State Steve Simon is working to protect all Minnesotans.


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