Voting in the Primaries- Early Voting 101

The purpose of the primary election on August 14th is to determine who will be on the ballot in the general election, November 6th. Only one candidate from each party can appear on this ballot, and your vote in the primary election helps determine that.

So just when we thought everything was resolved for voting in November, as the parties both had their conventions, many potential candidates went around the endorsement process and the voters have one more opportunity to decide who will be on the ballot in November of 2018.

New to the concept of a primary?  Me too! Here’s the official website where we got the information we will be highlighting

Who is eligible to vote in the primary?  All eligible voters in the state!- So you… and you… and probably you!  If you are registered to vote, then you are eligible to vote in the primary!

When will the primary election be held? Tuesday, August 14th- please mark your calendars now! Find your polling place here !

Can I split my ticket and vote for some DFL and some GOP? NO! Not if you want your ballot to be counted.  You can only vote in the primary for one of the two parties.  If you split your vote, your ballot won’t be valid.

I Can’t Wait!  Can I vote early?  Yes, yes you can. You can vote by mail or in person June 29th through August 13th.  Request a ballot electronically or by email, mail or fax at this site .

Watch this very short video to get all the information about  how this early process works to insure that your vote is counted!

Then track your ballot here !

Or go old school and show up at your polling place on Tuesday, August 14th, with every voter you know, to have your voice heard about who you’d like to see on the ballot.

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