Watch Your Reps- True No Spin Zone

In this era of news shows that have pundits spouting opinions as much as actual news with facts, our sources often skew our perceptions.  Some of us, since we live near St Paul, have the luxury during the day of sitting in on hearings and watching our government in action so we can judge firsthand how our legislators are doing at the job we elected them to do.  But most of us don’t and may not be aware that we can watch many hearings for ourselves, both locally and in DC.


Update:  Here is live video of Infrastructure hearing on committee Rep. Angie Craig sits on and that Gov. Walz testified at

And video of Senate Judicial Committee hearing on Nomination of Barr as Atty General

This is what is on tap for today at !

An example is the Judiciary Committee hearing on Preventing Gun Violence from 2/6/19 below that was found at C-Span Yes C-Span- not so boring these days. The first video is an excerpt that gets interesting, followed by the full hearing.

Bookmark this national site and this state site and call your reps to share your views on the bills discussed!

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