We Love a Parade- Support Your Local Candidate!

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On Sunday, folks from many counties in CD2, gathered together to show support for our candidates at the Pine Island Cheese Fest parade.  Jonathan Isenor, Minnesota House Candidate for 21B and Angie Craig, US House Candidate for CD2, enthusiastically greeted the crowds lining the streets.  Those of us marching with them were proud to carry signs and make our commitment to this community and all communities in CD2.  We want to stand with all of our great candidates in every way we can.  Marching through the streets with excited crowds on a beautiful day, was joyous! Get out today and celebrate and encourage democracy throughout CD2! Find a great MN House candidate to support near you here.

Volunteer, door knock, donateLet’s turn CD2 blue in every corner of the district.  Ultimately they will represent all of us at the Capitol in St. Paul ! And let’s collectively send Angie to DC!

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