Wells Fargo- Stop Profit Over People- #FamiliesBelongTogether

“Every child deserves to be tucked into a safe bed to sleep. But for­-profit prison and detention corporations are profiting off taking parents away from children and putting families behind bars. It’s time for Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase to stop financing Geo Group and and CoreCivic, two of the largest for­-profit prison and detention corporations. Whether you’re paying to incarcerate families or to lock parents away from their families, this is not who we strive to be as a nation.”

On September 26, 2018 hundreds of thousands of people from many organizations across the nation presented this Letter_to_WellsFargo to local Wells Fargo branches, as well as corporate offices.Please read the letter in it’s entirety.

Carol Egan and I went to the local branch in Eagan on Pilot Knob Road.  We had a child’s toy and blanket as a visual while we read aloud the letter to the bank manager at this branch.  I shared that I have been a long term customer and have tried to weather the many issues this company has had as I believed that they were making a real effort to clean up their act and that I was aware that they employed many members of my community and served many of my neighbors.  This is the final straw that needs to be addressed immediately if they are to retain any sense of public trust.  We discussed that we are not anti-corporation, as they can do good for the community- but anti greed and corruption that puts profit over people. The letter was placed in a sealed envelope and sent to someone who they had been instructed earlier to send them to- so our visit will be documented with corporate and we are hoping that there were people all over the country doing similar actions. It was a respectful exchange and I do plan to go back for follow up if we don’t get a public response soon.

#FamiliesBelongTogether The fact that someone is making a profit over this horrible GOP policy of separating families and incarceration is horrific and we need to show our outrage.

It’s not too late!  You can print out a copy of Letter_to_WellsFargo and drop it off at your local Wells Fargo branch.  The manager we met with let us know he appreciated that we had done this “peacefully” and we let him know that this was a choice we made as we are not afraid at all of making a more public protest if our collective concerns are not taken more seriously.  Again- many actions, many voices carry more power.