#WeStandWithIlhan – Follow Up

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RISE and CAIR-MN organized and led a rally on April 15th to show Trump, and the world, that MN #StandsWithIlhan and that we stand together against this administration.

This unified effort with grassroots activists aimed to combat the dangerous rhetoric that Trump was directing at the Congresswoman, as well as standing up to the hate in general directed at our Muslim, immigrant, and LGBTQ neighbors and loved ones.

The rally was held in Burnsville, in CD2, where the GOP lost a congressional seat and several MN House seats in 2018. They were replaced by a diverse group of people that are committed to human rights. So the fact that Trump decided to speak here was intentional.

There was a large group of Trump supporters at the rally, and their efforts to incite and offend were continuous throughout.  But focusing on their actions gives them power, which vulnerable communities cannot afford.  White supremacy must be acknowledged, but our power comes from the unity of our joining together in love, inclusion and strength of purpose.  We are safer and stronger together. Forces will continue to try to drive us apart and we must be impervious to this divisiveness.

Thank you to the organizers and everyone who came to the rally, but as CAIR-MN’s Executive Director Jaylani Hussein stated to the crowd, our work is far from done!  The news cycle flips rapidly as “breaking news” seems to throw us from one crisis to the next- so let’s focus on what we can collectively do for follow up, as we know that Trump is relentless and the attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar and our Muslim communities continue.

  1. Continue to show up! All of our communities need us to be present as there is strength and safety in numbers.  Being present helps amplify the voices that need to be heard.  Get comfortable with getting out of your comfort zone and help build our collective community for justice. Let’s spend our collective human capital on speaking and promoting our values, rather than engaging with hate filled narratives.
  2. Be on the lookout Continue to share and follow actions and news articles. Look for ways online to counter the hateful narrative that is out there on social media.
  3. Support RISE and CAIR-MN– Donate money to these organizations so that they can continue to do the amazing work they do. Advocacy work and rallies like the one this week have related expenses and this is a way you can support the ongoing work they are doing.
  4. Stay Informed- Sign up on the Reviving Sisterhood website for their newsletter to learn about their ongoing actions and how you can get involved.