Where in Congressional District 2 is Angie Craig?

For quite some time, CD2 Action has been tracking our elected representative, Congresswoman Angie Craig, in DC for the legislation she has sponsored and co-sponsored .  At the Congress Watch section of this website you can find all of this information and this is updated regularly by our watchdog and legislative guru, David Rugg.

But where is she during time in districtWho is she meeting with and for what purpose? We are proud to present our new section, Where in the District is Angie Craig?  We have scoured her twitter feed to see where she has been frequenting, who she is meeting with and what issues are being addressed.  Hover over the pictures to get locations. Click on pics to get more data.

Have pics of Angie at spots we haven’t acknowledged in district?  Send the picture and a brief description to cd2action@gmail.com and we will include this in our continuous updates. Please send feedback on this feature to that email as well.  We’d love to hear from you!

Our congresswoman is all over the district working on our behalf.  See if you can spot Where in the District is Angie Craig.

(For those not fortunate enough to live in MN CD2- feel free to share this page with your rep and remind them what real representation is supposed to look like)

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