Why I’m Voting Video Campaign- Tell Your Story- Inspire #GOTV

Watch these playlists of local voters “Why I’m Voting” videos ! Send us yours to be in next update!

Why I Vote Playlist 2

Why I Vote Playlist 1

Get Out the Vote by Sharing Your Story

Here’s an easy way to “social media door knock” everyone you know about the issues you are passionate about.  Make a 30-60 second video about why you are votingHold your camera horizontally when you start filming and keep it to one reason you’re voting. Don’t worry about it being perfect, speak from the heart. Don’t make it about any candidate– just why you are getting out to vote! Keep it positive– talk about what you want vs what you are against!

Post it on your social media timeline and tag friends to do the same. Send your video to us at cd2action@gmail.com and we will upload them to our YouTube channel where your video may inspire others to get out and vote. You can share them easily from the CD2Action YouTube channel. You may see yourself in a future post on the website, tweet or social media statement. Want more ideas and details or want to host your own video party get all the info here Why Im Voting Videos

This playlist of videos was created at a Why I’m Voting Movie Night this week.  It was a great way to come together, meet new people, share ideas and have some fun while creating something that might inspire more folks to vote! If you’d like to host your own party and need some help- let us know! Please watch, share and send us your videos to add to our ever growing collection!

Vote from home in the general election!

And don’t forget you can sign up to vote from home– although, if you haven’t already applied, you’ve missed the deadline for the primary August 14th but can still sign up to do it for the general election in November.

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