Womens March MN 2019 #womenswave2019

On January 19th, thousands of Minnesotans braved below zero wind chills to gather together to stand up for women’s rights, social justice and environmental protections. We gathered at the sculpture park near the Capitol and were inspired by speakers and our collective energy and then chanted our way through the streets from the park to the turn down John Ireland Boulevard with the Capitol in view.  We chanted about issues we find important from women’s reproductive rights, to discontent with current administration , for racial equity and gender justice, to religious tolerance and protections for workers.

Folks were energized and ready to rally when we approached the stage and the main program began, emceed by the dynamic duo of Erin and Alyse Maye Quade.  For list of speakers click here and skim the video to watch the speaker you want to hear, or watch all of the amazing speakers!

Here is video of main rally!

As folks came inside the Capitol to warm up, we chatted about where they were from and why they had chosen to brave the cold to join with others to have their voices heard. It was an honor to meet all of those we could connect with and highlight their voices from all over MN and beyond, including France.  See anyone you know?!?

As always we want to focus on ACTION- so here’s the list!

Join forces with the many organizations that had speakers at this amazing event, including Women’s March Minnesota who compiled this list:

Act Now

  1. Support the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women’s Fundraiser and show up on Thursday, February 14, 2019 for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons March.
Join us to get the Equal Rights Amendment in the Minnesota Constitution at the January 24 bill hearing, February 2 fundraiser, and March 8 International Women’s Day at the Capitol. Learn more at ERA MN.
  3. Learn how to become a new or more effective activist—register for MNxMN2019: Beyond the Vote, a one-day civic activism conference on February 24 in St. Paul.
  4. Attend the “Restore the Vote” Rally at the Capitol March 7. Stay updated with RestoreTheVoteMN on Facebook or at their website.

Ongoing actions:

Support the following legislation and organizations:

  • Equal Rights Amendment (HF13/SF200 and HF71/SF208): With ERA Minnesota, to add overdue gender-based protections to the Minnesota Constitution: “Equality under the law shall not be abridged or denied on account of gender.”
  • MN African American Families Preservation Act: With NAACP Minneapolis and others to protect black children and families and stop the devastating impact of racial disparities in MN’s child protection system. (Village Arms)
  • Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women’s Act (HF70): With a strong coalition of indigenous women’s organizations and all 11 of Minnesota’s tribes, this task force will address and finally collect data on missing and murdered indigenous women and girls.
  • Restore the Vote: With Restore the Vote Coalition, support the re-enfranchisement of individuals with past felony convictions. Restoring voting rights means a more equitable, healthy, and active community.
  • Driver’s Licenses for All: With Freedom to Drive MN, to allow MN drivers to obtain a driver’s license regardless of their immigration status and live full lives without fear of criminal justice system interaction.
  • Legislation to protect the environment, mitigate climate change, and advance environmental justice. (MN350, Sierra Club)
  • Legislation to advance and/or protect reproductive rights – (NARAL and Planned Parenthood) and healthcare access/coverage- (Healthcare For All MN), election fairness and healthy democracy- (Common Cause), affordable housing (NLIHC), gun control (Moms Demand Action, Protect MN, Students Demand Action ) , economic justice for disadvantaged communities, LGBTQ+ rights (including bans on conversion therapy) (OutFront MN). *edited by CD2Action to include groups related to issues
  • Advocacy to fight racial discrimination (Black Lives Matter) , antisemitism  (NCJW MN) and Islamaphobia (RISE)
  • Protecting immigrants rights (Release MN 8, Immigrant Law Center MN, MIRAC)
  • Legislation introduced to protect women, girls, and people across the gender spectrum from all forms of violence of any kind against our bodies. (MN Human Trafficking Task Force, MN Coalition for Battered Women
  • Text RESISTER to 22828 now to keep up with Women’s March MN! You can also sign up for their listserv at WomensMarchMN.com and find them on various social media @WomensMarchMN, where they alert people about actions that need to be taken to support these pieces of legislation, and other community actions!

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