Are you ‘at the table’ or ‘on the menu’?

Looking to find ways to run your government rather than be run by it? Would you like to be engaged within your community in and around Minnesota CD2? Want to promote progressive values through action and political involvement?

Going to Caucus Tues. Feb 6th?

Check out the resolutions we have gathered and go to this site to find out about where you caucus! Have your voice heard.  Meet your neighbors.  Make a difference in your community and beyond.

You have come to the right place!

Over the past year citizens of CD2 have gathered in living rooms, in coffee shops and restaurants,  in large churches and meeting areas, on the street in front of their congressman’s office and at the Minnesota State Capitol.

To us, these are verbs: calendar, document, connect.

They’ve had one goal. To take their government back. This site was started to alert you to upcoming opportunities to get involved, and to celebrate how far we’ve come.

We will also show you how to learn more about the people who have stepped up to serve you at the federal and state level.

We’re just getting started. Tell us what other content might be useful to you, or better yet — join our team.