CD2 Action: We Have Just Begun

Our focus will always be on making our community the best it can be. Check out our calendar for ways you can make a difference!

 Thanks to our Congresswoman Angie Craig

Check out her website where you can get all kinds of information about contact information, services you can access, sign up for her newsletter and so much more. View video of all of her townhalls  as well as find all kinds of information to keep track of what’s going on with our Rep in the US House at our CD2 Action Congress page , where she’s engaging with folks all over our community at Where in CD2 is Angie Craig page and keep track of legislation she has been working on at CD2 Action CongressWatch page

Politics is Local- Your Voice in St Paul

Want to keep tabs on what’s going on with the MN legislature in St. Paul? Want to reach out to your representative? Find local MN House members here and MN Senate members here. Don’t live in CD2?  Both of these pages have a link so you can look up your local reps. Remember they need to hear from you about issues you hold dear.  There are links to their websites so you can sign up for their newsletters and get contact information!

Our Goals Remain Unchanged: Educate and Activate

As a network of grassroots and nonprofits working in and around MN CD2 we will continue to build a strong, progressive community, which is representative of ALL of us .  This site was started to alert you to upcoming opportunities to get involved, and to celebrate how far we’ve come.

We will also show you how to learn more about the people who have stepped up to serve you and to have your voices heard on important issues at the federal and state level.

We’ve made a great start, but still have much work to do! . Tell us what other content might be useful to you, or better yet — join our team. Contact us by email at